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The Power of Naked Thinking


     Now available, Phil D'Agostino's new book, Naked Thinking, will show you the way to greater happiness, confidence, and productivity by acting more through your power of thinking and less by the force of  your emotions.


     Jan Miller, literary agent for Dr. Phil, Stephen Covey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and other well known leaders, reviewed Naked Thinking and says:


      "Naked Thinking reads very well. The concept is very timely. Your creativity and ingenuity are unique and can connect with thousands of Americans.  We found this concept highly engaging."


     Read Naked Thinking yourself and see if you agree.



     Are you ready for a major change in your life? Phil D’Agostino’s formula for success has helped tens of thousands to think more clearly and make better decisions by showing them how to strip away the confounding and often regretted influences of their emotions. Anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, revenge, fear, pride, guilt, shame and other strong emotions can push you into saying and doing things you will later regret.


     When you get down to Naked Thinking, that is thinking stripped of the cloak of your passions and emotions, you will make better decisions, be a better parent or a more effective manager and leader, sell more, deal more successfully with customer service and conflict issues and a whole host of other activities that will lead to greater achievements and more enduring happiness at home and at work.


     In Naked Thinking you will learn how to:


     - Better evaluate your options and make decisions with less emotional pressure

     - Make yourself get past the unpleasantness of doing difficult tasks

     - Recognize and build on your strengths and repertoire of accomplishments

     - Better assess risk and accept the possibility of failure as an essential element of success

     - Reduce excessive expenditures of your emotional energies so you’ll have more for yourself and those you love


     With a special section on goal setting and achievement, Naked Thinking will show you how to turn seemingly impossible objectives into very real possibilities by emphasizing a thought-based approach while keeping your emotions in check—transforming you into the master of your own destiny! Remember, following your heart is how dreams are born, but following your head is how they come true.


     And many of Phil's programs incorporate the ideas of feeling less, thinking more and making better decision. Call Phil today at 919-341-8431 (Eastern Time Zone) or send a request and he will call you or your training specialist to discuss the the many ways his programs can help your organization.


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