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     Born in New York City of a first generation Italian father from New York and fifth generation "Scotch-Irish" mother from North Carolina, Phil grew up as an amalgamation of two distinct cultures. He attended and graduated from High Point University with degrees in Chemistry and Biology. After college he taught high school science as a certified instructor for the State of North Carolina, then began his educational odyssey in business, moving through five different industries over the next fifteen years.


     Phil's first company, Genesis Design and Marketing, began with his own patented product. Through this company he learned the art and science of product design, manufacturing and sales. He began to consult with attorneys and others regarding patentability and success potential for the designs of others, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property issues. He bought a retail and service franchise, and after six and a half years of building, sold it at a considerable profit. During this period, he also started a successful desktop publishing and resume service, and an advertising specialty franchise.


     As his knowledge of business and formulas for success grew, he began to speak to others about their own potential. Groups as diverse as church social clubs to business clubs for the rich and famous all sought to hear Phil's ideas about personal growth and achievement. He became a regular guest on one of the largest AM radio stations in North Carolina and was heard as often as three times a week for more than three and a half years. He also hosted television talk show programs and published articles across two countries.


     He attended the University of North Carolina and earned his graduate degree and license in psychological counseling. As his practice began to focus more and more on relationships, he found that there is very little difference between the relationships of the family and those in the work place. He created his first courses, Conflict Inside Out and Get-A-Grip, and began providing training programs to companies to help them with these and other critical interpersonal skills.


     For more than six years, Phil worked with and became the top trainer in five subjects for the country's largest seminar company, CareerTrack, until its buyout and dissolution. He was instrumental in launching their highly successful conflict resolution program and delivered it more than six hundred times to nearly 70,000 participants in two countries. Phil has delivered over 1200 seminars and programs and spoken to well over 100,000 in classrooms and banquet halls in virtually every major city in the US and Canada.


     Currently he is the Director and coordinator of The Human Development Center which specializes in developing human potential through such services as: Keynotes, training classes, personal and organizational skills development processes, business analysis and consulting, progress metrics and a network of professionals ready to help you get to your next desired level of success.


Human Development Specialist


     As a person gets started in this world, he or she hears over and over many things about what to do and what not to do.  Embedded within those exhortations are guidelines that our parents and other significant people believe we need to know to be safe and successful.  The unfortunate and yet logical fact regarding those things, however, is that most of them are of a negative nature; such as, “Don’t touch that.  Don’t talk to strangers.  Don’t question authority.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.”  Or there’s the inverted type of negative that sounds like, “Only start what you’ll finish or finish what you start.  Have a little humility, no one likes a braggart.  Always ask permission before doing anything.”


     However well-meaning, the problem is that statements such as these can teach young people to limit themselves and keep their dreams small and “reasonable”.  It also teaches them to be compliant and follow others. But once they reach adulthood they are expected to take charge of their lives, be willing to make mistakes, and be creative.  And, even though they’ve been warned to not talk to strangers, they are now expected to have all the insights and people skills necessary for personal and executive leadership and managing others.


     It’s a rare case that these skills will exist within someone without a conscious and deliberate effort to put it there. So what do we do? We send people to one- or two-day seminars and expect them to change. Go back over your experiences and think how often you’ve seen that happen. Have you been happy with the result? Managers, supervisors, executive leaders, sales people and others are critical to the ongoing success of any enterprise and therefore need to be at the top of their game. Can a one-day seminar really do all that you need?  It can help, of course, but what really works to effect change is a process that includes repetition over time together with the motivation and responsibility to make a committed effort for change.


     Phil D’Agostino is a proven master at helping others develop the very best within themselves.  He is a psychologist, an experienced manager, professional motivator and veteran business owner.  Phil brings together proven processes for change with his unique combination of talents and methods to create the kind of learning environment that will produce measurable and lasting results.  It is no accident that he has been sought out by hundreds of companies, municipalities, state and federal governments and every branch of the armed forces to do just that. Contact Phil now and find out how he can help your organization reach the next level of success.


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What Makes Phil Different?


     People hire speakers, seminar leaders and performance specialists because they want results. Unlike going to a movie or listening to a concert, these professionals are expected to have a positive impact on the work and work environment. For that reason, it just isn't enough for someone to show up and present information…not anymore.


     The day of the purely motivational speaker may well be gone. Feeling inspired and impressed by the accomplishments of a gifted speaker is great, but companies today are obligated to get more from their money. They need to see a tangible return on investment.  There is a single over-riding understanding that applies to employees, managers, and buyers of speaking services. Phil refers to it as “Nine Words to Live By…”


     Phil's nine words to live by:


"You always get a result from whatever you do."


     Each time a management team takes someone away from a job to do something else, like go to a personal development session, attend a training class, listen to a speaker, or go on a company picnic, there will be a result. Every week that management does not take someone away from the work, there is also a result. The important question is, "What result do you want and what is the best way to get it?"


     All of Phil's development, training and keynote programs are constructed and presented to make certain that the objectives of the buyer (you) are achievable and achieved. That means a lot more than simply taking a canned program and presenting it to your group. Why?


     Knowledge alone isn't power.


     If you define power, as Phil does, as being the ability to make things happen, then knowledge alone is never enough. There are three elements necessary to have this ability:


     1. You do first need the knowledge of what you want to achieve and how best to make it happen.

     2. You then need to have the internal drive to make yourself act. That is motivation.

     3. But most importantly is that you must have the courage to act. If you can't get past the fear, anger, or whatever emotion stands in your way, then you have accomplished nothing by acquiring whatever knowledge you've gained.


     All Phil's programs incorporate these three elements--knowledge, motivation, and courage. And what's more, they are not just used to gain the results you want, they are taught so your employees can use them to be even more empowered to achieve the extraordinary results they are capable of.

"Why Phil?" Because he takes your investment of time and money seriously. And, he will see to it that your goals are achieved and you're glad you hired him. Period.



What Makes Phil Different?











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